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Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant

#03-129 Marina Square
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Reservation No: 6250 8918
Offering: 18% off ala carte food menu


Founded in 2012, TENKAICHI is the brainchild of MrNaing Ye Guang. Despite being a young brand, TENKAICHI has much to offer as MrNaing, who takes on the role of Head Chef himself, has profound experience in Japanese cuisine.

Driven by his passion for Japanese cuisine, MrNaing ventured to Japan at a young age of 22 to pursue this deep-founded passion. From having absolutely no experience and starting off as a dishwasher in restaurants to advancing to chef’s trainee in Ginza’s high-end Yakiniku restaurant, Jojoen, and eventually managing an entire Yakiniku storefront on his own, MrNaing can be said to be a zero-to-hero.

With his accumulated years of experience, he came back to Singapore to settle down with the desire to bring the best of Japan’s Yakiniku to the Singapore market. Together with the executive chef, a good buddy he made in his years of apprenticeship in Japan, they led the kitchen in Yakiniku Daidomon for about a decade before MrNaing took a leap of faith to start on something to call his own – TENKAICHI.

Today, TENKAICHI specializes in Wagyu Beef Yakiniku and provides superior value BBQ Buffet with top quality ingredients for our customers. We are most particular about the freshness and quality of food, and take no shortcuts in the preparation of our food to ensure the most authentic quality that is comparable to the Japanese. We have also improvised some flavours to cater to Singaporeans’ unique taste palates. Having specialized in Yakiniku during his years in Japan, MrNaing’s mastery of the Japanese’ remarkable cutting skills makes Wagyu Beef a hot favourite at TENKAICHI. While delivering superior quality food, we hope to integrate quality living to Singaporeans at affordable prices.

Here in TENKAICHI, we always strive to serve the best quality food for all customers.